Thriplow Head Office Depot

Our primary head Office Depot serving the South East of England

Thriplow and South East Depot

Just one of our depots in which we operate UK wide.

Thriplow, Cambridgeshire Depot

Enter the core of DE Plants' operations – the Thriplow Head Office Depot. Located in Thriplow, this hub signifies DE Plants' commitment to top-notch plant and machinery services. More than just logistics, it embodies innovation and efficiency. Renowned in the industry, DE Plants offers cutting-edge construction machinery and services, from Bitumen Sprayers to Grab lorries. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, the Thriplow Depot is a trusted ally for construction professionals navigating dynamic project landscapes. Discover a wealth of resources and expertise at this central hub, where technology and commitment converge for construction success.

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UK wide depots

We have built up a range of depots in order to make sure we can offer our quality service across the whole of the UK

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If you are in need of some plant or just have a general contract enquiry then please don't hesitate to give one of our accounts team a call.

Core Plant Equipment...

Offering a range of plant hire equipment in order to help our clients achieve the best quality.

Bond Coat Sprayers

Fuel and Water Bowsers



Grab Lorry