Bond Coat and Joint Spraying

Offering a range of highway maintenance plant hire for use on motorways, A-roads, runways and raceways.

Operating throughout the UK

We have several bases around the UK, offering plant for large and small contracts.

Specialist Fleet

Combination Bond Coat Sprayers - Our fleet of specialist Bond Coat, Hot Joint Painting and Quick Break Additive machines are able to safely apply hot joint material to the faces of asphalt joints, kerbs and over banding to seal the layers together, giving you the most durable surface layers.

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Bond Coat

Our machines are perfectly suited to provide a clear even coating of bond coat with spray bars that are regularly calibrated to the BS 1707:2018 standards. We offer a variety of bond coat products.  


Quick Break Additive

DE Plant developed a unique Quick Break additive to increase the speed of Bond Coat hardening to approximately 2 minutes, stopping any surface pick-up on the lorry tyres, and maintaining the efficacy of the bitumen Bond Coat surface. Across our industry, wheel pick-up from lorries and machines is a huge concern which can lead to future drainage issues, potholes, and other surface damage.

bond painting

Hot Joint Painting

Providing the most durable sealant for asphalt joints and over-banding, with our quality hot joint material.

Hot joint paint seals the asphalt joint reducing the exposure to water ingress to the layers below.


Service Station

DE Plant Service Station is one of a kind to the UK market. This machine offers bond coat application, hot joint paint facility, quick brake additive, fuel, water and Adblue supply. This machine removes the requirement for a separate fuel and water bowser on site

Machine features

  • Two hot joint spray bars mounted to either side of the machine
  • Single pass operation
  • No need for an operative with watering cans painting the joint manually
  • Bitumen boiler completely enclosed to ensure highest safety
  • Quick Break applied to the bond coat in one pass to speed up the breaking time of the bond coat and reduce tyre pick up to virtually zero
  • Fully calibrated to British Standards

Outstanding technology

  • Forward and Reverse TSS Smart Brake – (Smart brake systems)
  • Reversing camera
  • Live 360 degree auto access and recording cameras
  • Remote live Tyre Monitoring System
  • Exclusion Zone system lighting
  • Chapter 8 Chevrons and work lights
  • Computerised application for accurate spread rates
  • Speed and pressure control dependant pumps for even spread
  •  Thriplow Connected live vehicle data software
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UK wide depots

We have built up a range of depots in order to make sure we can offer our quality service across the whole of the UK

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